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There's something here.

There's something here.

But I think none of you would be interested.
Nothing big.
Jus rants of a simple guy.

Like artificially flavoured vanilla ice cream, some called it plain ice cream.
Though vanilla aint nothing plain.
I think.



a little project coming on..

jus bought 25 tiles. walked to some light industry area and they didnt provide a bag.. so i held onto those tiles and took bus home.. attract a great many stares. haah. fun.

so many gay men ard.
random rant.

jus got a pack of salt.
wanna play with it tonight.

i'll get the polymer tmr.

have to get the pic ready by tonight.


for CNY

I like this nice little commercial advertisement.

It shd strike Singaporeans coz the we're afterall an elitist society.

It doesnt matter, i think the ah po at the end is the most fortunate.
So what if your offsprings earn alot of money, sometimes the simplest thing is family reunion.

and i somehow treasure my family so much more.
alot more.
in life u gain some lose some.
i prob lose on personal freedom to roam ard and see things.
but i gain (or rather retain) that simple family spirit that's very strong in my family.


for all you out there.

anyway side note, all the petronas one on youtube very touching. go see them~

JamJam goes to Hammies' Heaven.

JamJam, my cousin's hammy jus passed away.

maybe coz she fought with HamHam the male hammy the other day.
was banging alot on walls lately.. and jus passed away.

gonna buried it with my cousin now.

Rest In Peace.

The moments captured..Collapse )

Pet's place.

This is the blog of my hamster a Roborovski named BamBam. I deem it a guy. haha.


He's a cute fella.. unlike da owner.. hahah..

but i fed it alot.. hurhur.. all sorts of things.. hamster food is low class.. it has sliced almonds and raisins as ocassional food.. gonna add in some sticks of veg to add variety to his hamster food diet.. my pet is a cute one!!!

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